Briquetting Plant Machine   
Advantages of Jumbo 90 Briquetting Machine
  • It Offers high quality fuel that are of industrial application standards
  • It generates excellent fuel that is eco-friendly, smokeless and bio-degradable.
  • The operations of this machine are clean and do not emit pollutants or hazardous elements.
  • It is a green project as it does not discharge any effluent or waste matter.
  • Very profitable machine as it gives high yield in energy-efficient manner.
  •  There is no necessity to obtain NOC from pollution control board to start up this business.
  • The investors of this machine get cent percent liberation from income tax, excise duty, sales tax etc.
  • Anyone who opts for purchasing this machine is financially supported by the NGOs & Nationalized banks for making the initial investment
  • This machine is apt for carrying out mass production of briquettes
  • Since it offers huge output in every single batch, it definitely saves a lot of time as operations happen at one go.
  • Reasonable pricing and worth-purchasing are the prominent features of this machine
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