Briquetting Plant Project  
Application of Briquettes
Briquetting Machinery, India

Biomass briquettes are high quality fuel generated with the help of our briquetting machines. They are extensively applicable in domestic, commercial and industrial spheres. They can be used as a good substitution for non-renewable fuel such as coal, lignite, kerosene, LPG etc. This is because; this fuel is very cheap and has high thermal calorific value and causes least pollution.

  • This fuel is widely used in the rural areas for cooking, baking, water-heating, fire-place etc.
  • Hotel and restaurants, Canteen, tea-stalls, laundry, bakery, Snacks shops etc are some commercial areas where briquettes are very useful as cheap, effective and smokeless fuel.
  • Briquettes can be utilized by any  Industry that performs heat based operations, such as:
  1. Readymade Food manufacturing industries
  2. Power plants
  3. Boiler units
  4. Metallurgical industries
  5. Foundry workshops
  6. Black smithy workshops
  7. Textile & dyeing Industries
  8. Chemical industries
  9. Fertilizer industries
  10. Pottery Industries
  11. Ceramic & refractory Industries
  12. Brick kiln
  13. Sugar Manufacturing Industries
  14. Leather Industries
  15. Pharmaceutical companies etc.
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