jumbo90, briquetting machine, india  
Functioning of Jumbo 90 Briquetting Machine
jumbo90 briquetting machine, Manufacturer, india

Jumbo 90 briquetting machines utilize raw-materials such as Bagasse, jute fibre, coir, stalks of crops, shells of nuts, etc for making briquettes. The raw-materials of sizes more than 20 mm is put into the screw conveyor. If only one type of raw-material is used, it is good to go, if not, the raw-materials are mixed in the correct ratio.

The raw-material of bigger sizes than 20 mm need to be snipped and shredded before further processing, hence they are sent to Crusher cum shredder machine. Further, their moisture content is checked, if it surpasses 15% they are dried with the help of Turbo-dryer CTD 60. Sun-drying method can also be utilized for drying the excess moisture of the raw-material. Then finally they are fed to the briquetting machines, where the material is subjected to high pressure and appropriate temperature. The lignin present in the material liquefies under such conditions and acts as an adhesive binding the compressed material. It is known as binder-less technology as it does not call for any chemical adhesives. This process improves the thermal calorific value of the fuel. The final product obtained from the machine is then stored in the suitable conditions or transported to the required places.

jumbo90, briquetting machine, india jumbo90, briquetting machine, India
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